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 Download Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

SDS documents

msds.jpgWe are currently working on updating with SDS.  Please email us if you cannot find the one you need.  Thank you!

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) describe the chemical composition of the product and any known hazards associated with handling and cleaning procedures. The MSDS can be viewed in Acrobat Reader and printed. Note the Emergency contact information. If a product is not listed, please contact us. We will promptly mail, FAX, or e-mail the MSDS you require.

The Material Safety Data Sheets are organized as follows:

GI-Series (condensation cure / tin-catalyzed silicone products)
P-Series (addition cure / platinum-catalyzed silicone products)
XP-Series (experimental platinum-catalyzed products)
XT-Series (experimental tin-catalyzed products)

GI-Series Products SDS

download.gif GI-2020 A
download.gif GI-2020 A Clear
download.gif GI-1220
download.gif GI-1210
download.gif GI-1120
download.gif GI-1110
download.gif GI-1110 A Clear
download.gif GI-1110 B Translucent
download.gif GI-1100
download.gif GI-1040
download.gif GI-1032
download.gif GI-1000
download.gif GI-1000 A Clear
download.gif GI-1000 A HT
download.gif GI-1000 Base Translucent
download.gif GI-650
download.gif GI-650 A Clear
download.gif GI-491
download.gif GI-384
download.gif GI-380
download.gif GI-360
download.gif GI-320
download.gif GI-312
download.gif GI-311
download.gif GI-300
download.gif GI-245 A 2
download.gif GI-245 
download.gif GI-184 B
download.gif GI-179 A
download.gif GI-179 A Clear
download.gif GI-177 A 5 Minute
download.gif GI-177 A 1 Minute
download.gif GI Fast Catalyst
download.gif GI Ultra Fast Catalyst
download.gif DBTL
download.gif T.O.

P-Series Products SDS

download.gif P-656
download.gif P-565
download.gif P-549
download.gif P-268
download.gif P-157
download.gif P-125
download.gif P-100
download.gif P-90
download.gif P-90 A Clear
download.gif P-90 B Translucent
download.gif P-70
download.gif P-60
download.gif P-50
download.gif P-45
download.gif P-44
download.gif P-44  A Option 2
download.gif P-20
download.gif P-17 1:1 Formula
download.gif P-17 10:1 Formula
download.gif P-15
download.gif P-10
download.gif P-4
download.gif P-FDA
download.gif PT Accelerator
download.gif P-588 Inhibit Stop


XP-Series Products SDS

download.gif XP-801
download.gif XP-762 A
download.gif XP-750
download.gif XP-727
download.gif XP-656
download.gif XP-592
download.gif XP-565
download.gif XP-541
download.gif XP-480 Gel
download.gif XP-429
download.gif XP-378
download.gif XP-149

XT-Series Products SDS

download.gif XT-765
download.gif XT-585 A
download.gif XT-585 B
download.gif XT-551
download.gif XT-386

SI-Series Products SDS

download.gif SI-Thinner
download.gif SI-Primer
download.gif SI-479
download.gif MR-15
download.gif SI-661